Oro Detail Package

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If you’ve been searching for the best car wash near me, than your search ends here with WOT Auto Detailing in San Antonio. Our Oro Detail package is the ultimate in detailing that will clean every crevice of your vehicle getting it to shine real bright. For those serious of taking care of their vehicle and want it to look its absolute best, then this is the package for you. We begin the detail with a thorough hand wash and foam bath, removal of all road debris, sap and insects. Then our expert technicians will clean your wheels, tires, wheel wells and dress the tires. Next, we begin the clay bar decontamination of your vehicle’s paint. We’ll add a clay lubricant to your vehicle to avoid scratching and then slide the clay bar across your paint to pick up any particles and debris that couldn’t be removed with a regular wash. Then we’ll buff and polish the paint removing any swirling and marring from your paint so it looks flawless when we’re done with it. This package also includes a full vacuum of the seats, carpet and trunk/cargo area, cleaning of the cloth and leather surfaces and a conditioning of the leather if application. We’ll add on top of the line Carnauba wax, clean and dress the dash, vents, instruments and trim and add polish to exterior metals. This package will get your car looking as good as new. Your search for the best car wash near me ends right here with WOT Auto Detailing. Come see us today to refresh your vehicle’s look!

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Included in package:

  • Thorough Hand Wash and Foam Bath
  • Removal of All Road Debris, Sap and Insects
  • Clay Bar Decontamination
  • Buff and Polish of Paint (Level 1 Paint Correction)
  • Vacuum Seats, Carpet and Trunk
  • Cleaning of Wheels, Tires and Wheel Wells
  • Clean all Cloth and Leather, Condition if Applicable
  • Machine Polished