Opti Coat Pro Coating

Opti Coat Pro Coating

At WOT Auto Detailing we know how important it is to protect your vehicle’s paint. That’s why you need a ceramic coating to protect your vehicle’s exterior. All of our technicians are trained experts at installing ceramic coatings. We take great pride in delivering the highest quality services and use only the best products available in the industry. That’s why we choose the Opti Coat Pro series for our ceramic coatings. The Opti Coat Pro coating is a durable ceramic clear coat that is scratch resistant and will protect your paint from the hazardous elements out on the road. The Opti Coat Pro pre-polymer forms a bond with your vehicle’s paint to add an invisible layer of protective film that will keep your paint protected from scratches, road salt, insect acid, tree sap, dirt and debris. We highly recommend getting our paint correction package prior to adding a protective coating. 

Opti Coat Pro Coating

We offer Opti Coat Pro coating installations and Opti Coat Pro Plus. Both ceramic coatings will prolong the life of your vehicle and help reduce maintenance time and costs greatly. The Opti Coat Pro Plus adds more gloss and sleekness to your vehicle’s paint than ever before. It has hydrophobic properties that will make dirt and debris slide right off, therefore reducing your maintenance time and costs exponentially. The Opti Pro Plus is an enhanced version of Opti Coat Pro. It comes with a seven year warranty and adds durable protection from scratches, chemical etching, fading and UV damage. If you’ve been thinking about adding ceramic paint protection to your vehicle, consider the Opti Coat Pro coating and Opti Coat Pro Plus coating to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

Our Packages

Opti Guard

The Opti Guard package is an excellent value and will keep your vehicle’s paint protected. It includes a 3-year warranty and will protect your vehicle from bird droppings, bug acid, tree sap, dirt and debris. It has a factory finish that is easy to maintain and will help reduce maintenance time and costs greatly. This eco-friendly coating is the best paint protection film San Antonio has to offer. Protect your paint today!

Opti Pro

Our Opti Pro package is one of our most popular packages and comes with a 5-year warranty! This package will provide your vehicle with the paint protection it craves. Opti Pro is a durable ceramic clear coat that is resistant to scratching and other damages to your paint that are caused by the hazardous elements on the road. It has a clear finish and will give your vehicle’s paint added gloss and shine. If you care about your vehicle and want to keep it looking its best, then the Opti Pro package is right for you. Call today to protect your vehicle’s paint.

Opti Pro Plus

The Opti Pro Plus package provides even more protection to your vehicle’s paint. This package includes a 7-year warranty and adds the best auto paint protection San Antonio has to offer to protect your vehicle’s exterior. This package will protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches, bug acid, tree sap, dirt and debris. It will give your vehicle added shine and gloss while protecting it from the hazardous elements on the road. It adds hydrophobic properties to your vehicle’s paint so maintenance will be a breeze. Call today for a free quote.